13 Nisan 2014 Pazar

ODI 12c Subquery Filter


In this entry i am gonna show how to implement an oracle pl/sql statement with subquery condition in ODI 12c.

Environment : ODI 12c  & Oracle 11g

Sample Query which i will implement:

select  custid 
from src_customer
custid   in
from src_orders
group by CUST_ID
having count(order_id) >3

Tables that we are using for this implementation:

 Source table 1:
 Source table 2:

Target Table:


In above you can see the mapping we suppose use for this operation.Trick is hidden inside of the subquery filter object.

ODI  already automatically set SRC_ORDERS table as a subquery table.Now only thing we have to do is to set Subquery filter filter properly .( Check the image above).For KMs standart knowledge modules works fine , you dont have to do any change.( For this example LKM Exract and IKM Oracle Global Knowledge modules were used. )

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