23 Şubat 2016 Salı

tableau - TOP N filter over BarChart


In this entry i will show how to implement a "top n filter" object over our reporting sheet.

First of all , here below we have following chart which contains sum(profit) over region and country for each person.

Now what i want to do is to show Top 2 profits  for each person.

In data panel  creating  a "Calculated Field" and use following formula.

Step 2
Dragging  created object (TOP-N filter) into Filters part.

Step 3
Right click onto TOP-N filter  click "edit table calculation"  and
choose  Compute Using --> Advanced

Step 4
Advance section we gonna select partition and field values in order to define our ranking.

Finally Top-n filter is ready.
Now i am gonna define the range which is top 2 values and Results will be look like this...

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