29 Ocak 2017 Pazar

Tableau analytic functions


In this entry I will explain how to implement analytic functions  over Tableau.

Step 1)
I choose EU_Superstore/Orders as data source

Going to sheet1  and adding my dimension ( Country , State, City )

Now the values I want to implement

SUM(Sales) Over ( Partition by Country )
SUM(Sales) Over ( Partition by Country,State )
SUM(Sales) Over ( Partition by Country,State,City )

To do that first I am adding my measure  CALC_1  ( Formula  : SUM([Sales])  )
into my measure section.

By using my CALC_1 variable  I am gonna create a new calculation and define its partition

Dragging new measure into report  section  ( showing country total )

Now using  CALC_1 , I am gonna create two more  variables as same as the first one but their partition types will be different.

For  SUM(Sales) Over ( Partition by Country,State )

For SUM(Sales) Over ( Partition by Country,State,City )

Final result will be look like this:

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