30 Kasım 2011 Çarşamba

Runnin Agent on Unix

Hi again

This is my second post and i wanna talk about how to run the agent.sh in Unix ... to run an agent first you should define it logically in topology... u should define your agent in logical and physical architecture tabs and define the context ,after that like i explained in my first post , you should have an installed ODI on Unix ... go to oracledi/bin/ directory and write the following code echo "agent.sh -NAME=" at now ( i assume that you are connecting to unix machine on telnet , so u should write this code) , so your agent gonna be started, in topology go your physical_architecture tab and click on your agent. In opening screen go to definition tab , click on test ... if everything is okay , u will get "Agent Test Successful" message on your screen ....

NOTE:: For normal agent that is all you need to do , but if you wanna run your scheduler agent , you should change the parameter of your odiparams.sh file....
( I will explain that stuff later :) )

Scheduler Agent on Unix

Hello again,

In my previous post i mentioned about how to create an odi agent on unix environment which is quite simple now.. lets say u have an agent ... but u wanna run scheduler agent now... Well first of all you should go to ur odiparam.sh file which inside of your folder.... in this file , u have to change the following path

ODI_SECU_DRIVER=driver name that suits with ur database that used as Work Rep.
ODI_SECU_URL=url of your work rep. database
ODI_SECU_USER=database user...
ODI_SECU_ENCODED_PASS=this is the encoded password of ur database user....
ODI_SECU_WORK_REP=name of your work rep.
ODI_JAVA_HOME= u should write the exact path of any JDK that is already inside of your machine.... 5.1 or newer versions.

Here it is an example ::


your ODI_SECU_ENCODED_PASS should be look like ODI_ENCODED_PASS... which is the encoded password of ODI for SUPERVISOR