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Qlikview static maps reporting


While trying google map over qlikview  , i faced  with a web-view error ( i guess because of IE10 or something like that) so  i decided to explain how can we  show  our data  over static mapping reports in qlikview.

At first I am gonna prepare my data over an excel file:

And now come back to Qlikview i add following script to read data in excel

After loading our script we have following fields:

Now we gonna choose an image for our scatter chart.In below  I can see the coordinates of countries.By using  that info  i am gonna create my temp data for country coordinates.

And now i add my temp data into script section.

After loading script  , i am adding my scatter chart into my sheet , and specify settings as follows.

1) Choose  Scatter Chart

2)Dimension tab I am adding COUNTRY field.

3) For expression tab i am adding  X , Y and SUM(GDP)  as follows
(In my map I just wanna see SUM(GDP) value as popup so i checked the "Text as Popup" for SUM(GDP)

4) Now for presenting my chart i disable Show X-Y label in order to get a better map view.

5)Axis tab  should be set as follows. (Scale values has to be specified otherwise data cannot pin the correct spot on the map )

6) Last part  we gonna set image for our chart in Colors tab.
(Color-->Frame Backgroud--> Image--> ( Set File ) & Check Plot Area Only

7)Final screen would be look like this

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